Voorkant kapsalon klein

Opening hours:
Women: Men:
Tuesday: 09h - 18h30 Tuesday: 08h - 19h
Wednesday: Before noon only by appointment - 13h - 17h30 Wednesday: 08h - 18h
Thursday: Only by appointment Thursday: 08h - 18h
Friday: 08h - 17h Friday: 08h - 18h
Saturday: Only by appointment Saturday: 08h - 15h

As per the new COVID-19 measures, we have reopened since February 13, 2021!

Covid-19 measurements:
* Only by appointment (the above opening hours are temporarily not applicable).
Medical mouth / nose mask required - fabric mouth mask not allowed.
* Disinfect hands when entering.
* Feeling sick? Please don't come in!
* Are you eary? Please wait outside.
* Attendants wait outside or in the car.
* Keep distance (1.5m)
* Don't touch anything.
* Unfortunately it is not allowed to use the bathroom / toilet.

If we all fight COVID-19 together, we will win!

Sunday and Monday, the hairdressing salon is closed
Colouring and perms only by appointment